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Happy 4th of July Images, Pictures, Wallpapers 2022: Happy 4th Of July is the very first celebration among every other celebration for the Americans because it’s the celebration of freedom. Every year on July 4th, Independence Day of the United States is celebrated with great passion. On July 4th, 1776, the Second Continental Congress declared the United States Independence and announced this day to be celebrated as a Federal Holiday. After this declaration, Thirteen American colonies were not ruled by the Britishers and became independent states.

In the history of the American Revolution and the consolidation of states into One United States of America, there have been many milestones. One of them is the formal declaration of Independence from European colonization. But this is not the whole story of America and we are going to find out about it. Let’s get Happy Fourth Of July Images, Photos & Pictures for Free to Download along with a to z information about what is Fourth Of July (US Independence Day) is, how it’s celebrated when it’s started, and much more.

Happy 4th Of July Images
Happy 4th Of July Images

Happy 4th Of July Images 2022

Happy 4th Of July Images 2022 Free Download – Two days prior to the final independence declaration, it was voted by the Second Continental Congress on July 2nd. Like other European colonizing countries Britain was also expanding colonies around the globe. America which was at the time governed by Lords of British crows. The crown was always at wars of territories and wars cost money. This Money was sucked from poor indigenous people of the colonies in form of taxes. one of those wars was with the French colonists. It is known as the seven-year war which made the British Crown bankrupt.

The parliament decided to double the tax on American colonies. People were already looted of their land and crops. This double taxation was opposed by the governing side of American colonies like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and many more around the northern continent of America. It’s one of the countries where people feel proud to have one flag.

What Should You Call It – Fourth Of July Or Independence Day?

Since the Declaration of Independence of the United States happened on July 4th, 1776, this day became one of the most important ones in the history of the country. Now Fourth Of July became the date to celebrate US Independence Day and express emotions of patriotism and freedom. Thus how term ‘Fourth Of July’ became more popular than Independence Day in the United States. So, when you send anyone Happy 4th Of July 2022 Wishes, Images, Greetings, or Messages, you can use both terms, ‘Happy 4th Of July’ and ‘Happy Independence Day.

When Is USA Independence Day 2022?

As we mentioned earlier, every fourth day of July is a federal holiday in the United States to celebrate the Declaration of Independence of the United States. So, the date for the USA Independence Day 2022 is Monday, 4 July 2022, as it was for every year since 1776. But the days that July 4th falls may differ as this year it will be a Monday while in 2021 it was Sunday. In the below table, you find the day-wise 4th Of July celebration from 2020 to 2025.

YearDays That July 4th Will Fall OnDate Of Celebration/Public Holiday
2020SaturdayJuly 4 (Observed Friday, July 3)
2021SundayJuly 4 (Observed Monday, July 5)
2022MondayJuly 4
2023TuesdayJuly 4
2024FridayJuly 4
2025SaturdayJuly 4 (Observed Friday, July 3)

4th Of July Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos 2022

Happy Fourth Of July Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos 2022 – These 13 states came together and declared themselves independent of the British Crown by deciding to not pay taxes to the crown anymore. This was formally commemorated on July 4, 1776, by the 2nd Continental Congress of Independent United States of America. It was 2 years later celebrated by Thomas Jefferson with his army fellows. He also doubled his ration of alcohol. This became the trend to celebrate the great story of the Independence of the United States of America.

On this day American people go on long drives with family and friends. Barbeque, greasy meat, alcoholic fireworks, and parades are some of the activities that we do in America. It is the grand celebration of the 50 States of America which is the embodiment of democracy and freedom and inspiration to the world.

Happy Fourth Of July Pictures

Happy 4th Of July Pictures – To understand the importance and tradition behind Independence Day in America, we have to go back to the American Revolution. It was a time when the North American Continent was in an upheaval of ideological and political thoughts. The whole British colonized America was suffering from the weight of taxes. On top of that, they had no say about the tax load in the British parliament. This was a drag and colonies were fed up with it.

There were also many other incidents that fueled the American Revolution. The Stamp act of 1765 resulted in a clash between the crown and freedom fighters. It was known as Boston Massacre in history. Five people were shot dead by Crown troops and laid the foundation of the American Revolution with their own life.

Later The Tea act came into the American continent in 1773. It was a symbolic tax meaning inclusion of parliament duty on colonies. This also did not go according to the plan. Revolutionaries at Boston emptied the tea in Boston harbor. It is called Boston Tea Party in American History.

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Happy 4th Of July 2022 Images – The Crown responded to Boston Tea Party by closing the Boston Harbor and removing all the self-governing rights. These kinds of clashes were paving the path to the first continental congress in late 1774. The continental congress was being led by Massachusetts along with New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Those same 13 colonies were the first to adopt the American Constitution and declare themselves an independent country known as the United States of America at the 2nd Continental Congress. It worked as the de facto government to rule the colonies, strategizing the war, adopting and forming a constitution, appointing diplomats, and the petition of declaration of necessity of taking up arms and the Olive Branch petition.

Happy Fourth Of July Images With Quotes

Happy Fourth Of July Images With Quotes – The 13 colonies came into agreement to not pay taxes and to have their own constitution and democracy. This was a direct rebellion against the British Crown and France was supporting it. Later France was the first country to recognize the United States of America as an Independent Country in 1783. The Holiday was not celebrated officially yet. The employee did not have a paid holiday. The war of independence was still going on and it was celebrated with fireworks at modest levels.

A century later 4th of July was declared an unpaid holiday in 1870 for federal employees. In 1938 Independence Day was declared a paid holiday for federal employees by American Congress. Along the way, the 4th of July celebration picked up many traditions in history.

How Americans Can Celebrate the 4th Of July 2022?

Independence Day in America is commemorated with picnics around the country. People travel around the country in groups of family and friends and celebrate the festival of independence. It is a celebration of American values that inspired the word for many Revolutions likes of French Revolution and many others around the globe. The United States of America is the leader of the world in terms of democratic values and the freedom of men. The country is at the forefront of protecting freedom and human rights.

Many fun activities also happen on Independence Day around the country. Food competitions of many kinds are organized in the country. The record for most burgers worth 25000 calories (10 times the normal calorie intake) happened on Independence Day in America.

Watermelon eating competitions and pageant competitions are also organized around the country in many schools and institutions. There are baseball competitions organized also.

People cook apple pie, hot dogs, hamburgers, clam bakes, corn on the cob, etc, which are the festival delicacies that are cooked on the 4th of July.

There are also parades in the country to commemorate the 4th of July. Initially, there were only 13 states so there were 13 Gun salutes on Independence Day each for one state. Later many other colonies joined up and America is now known as the 50 states of America.

4th Of July Fireworks Is The Real Charm

The most important part of the 4th of July Celebration is the fireworks. There are fireworks organized around the country including in New York, Las Vegas, and New Jersey. In the evening people gather around with families to watch the Fireworks. Some of the best fireworks are displayed at East River, New York (22 tons of firecrackers), Detroit River, San Francisco Bay, Boston Bay, and Lake Union in Seattle are some of the major places to watch Independence Day Fireworks.

Independence Day in America is the celebration of freedom from the British Crown and also an inspiration to the world in terms of democratic values. We celebrate this day to remind the importance of freedom and what it costs to truly be free. Happy Independence Day to everyone in America.